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Panamanian baseball team visits Taiwan

Tainan hosts U-12 baseball world cup

Panamanian baseball team visits Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--The Sub 12 Panamanian baseball team will be part of the U-12 Baseball World Cup that will take place in Tainan from July 28 to August 6.

Although it’s been almost two months since Panama cut off ties with Taiwan, the team coach Jose Murillo III said the young players had trained really hard to be in great condition for this competition.

“Asian teams are great at pitching, so we are going to focus on winning the first game and then count on a good defense”, said Murillo.

Panama Classified in fifth place in the Panamerican baseball championship in Puebla, Mexico. The team is in group B in the world cup, same as Germany, Australia, South Korea, Nicaragua and current champion, the United States. Group A includes Brazil, Japan, Mexico, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Taiwan.

The first match for the Panamanian team will be against South Korea on July 28 at 2:00pm (1:00am Panama time). The next day it will play against Germany and on July 30 against Nicaragua. Australia will be the rival on July 31 and the last group game will be with the United States on August 1.