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10 best delivery foods in Taipei: UberEATS

The online food delivery platform listed the favorite snacks and restaurants of Taipei customers

Taiwanese snacks (Photo from Popcorn Chicken King 台灣鹽酥雞)

Taiwanese snacks (Photo from Popcorn Chicken King 台灣鹽酥雞)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Online meal ordering and delivery platform UberEATS released the result of its survey on favorite delivery foods in Taipei, with Taiwanese popcorn chicken took the first place.

Boneless popcorn chicken from the restaurant Popcorn Chicken King (台灣鹽酥雞) ranked first on the list of "Top 10 most popular foods" announced by UberEATS on July 21, followed by chicken over rice from restaurant Hala Chicken and the chicken soup from restaurant Yusangbao Soup (御膳煲養生雞湯館). Popcorn chicken is so famous that many foreigners consider it the first must-eat snack when visiting Taiwan.

As for customers' favorite restaurants, Hangzhou Xiaolongbao (杭州小籠包) took first place, while Tosteria Cafe and Ruikee Hainanese Chicken Rice (瑞記海南雞飯) received the second and the third prizes, respectively.

The company also found that many Taiwanese like to order late night snacks and handmade drinks. The top three popular snacks ordered from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. are all chicken dishes including popcorn chicken and chicken filet, according to UberEATS's survey, while honey lemon tea jelly from One More Drinks (一抹旅行世界的好茶專家) is the most popular summer drink in Taiwan.

However, UberEATS has caused much controversy in Taiwan, since its transportation service has not legally registered in the country. The ministry of Transportation and Communications (MoTC) have encouraged people to report the illegal service to the government with the rewards from NT$10,000 to NT$100,000 (US$333-3,333).

UberEATS is now in discussions with local transportation companies, and will find out a new and legal operating system at the end of the year, said the General Manager of UberEATS North Asia Jaycee Lam on the press conference last Friday.

Top ten delivery food in Taipei:

1. Popcorn chicken from Popcorn Chicken King (台灣鹽酥雞)

2. Chicken over rice from Hala Chicken

3. Chicken soup from Yusangbao Soup (御膳煲養生雞湯館)

4. White bubble milk tea from Good Day Select (日日良選)

5. Vietnamese beef Pho from Thanh-Ky (誠記越南麵食館)

6. Salted chicken from Chibfood (雞房重地鹹水雞)

7. Beefburger with bacon and cheese from Take Out Burger & Cafe

8. Grilled chicken drumstick with rice from Sanshuichiang Rice(三水江烤肉飯)

9. Congee with pork and century egg from Nanchang Congee (南昌廣東粥)

10. Honey bubble milk tea from One More (一抹 旅行世界的好茶專家)