Ministry of the Interior organizes International Workshop to Combat Human Trafficking

Taiwan ranked as Tier 1 country for 8 consecutive years


(By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - In order to prevent human trafficking and in response to the U.S. State Department releasing its annual TIP report, which pointed out that Taiwan deserves acknowledgement and praised it for its accomplishments in human trafficking prevention in recent years,

The Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan organized the“2017 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking”on July 25-26, 2017 at Civil Service Department Institute in Taipei City (臺北市公務人力發展中心). The event invited domestic and foreign government officials and non-governmental organizations to gather together, strengthen the cooperation between countries. Taiwan Vice President, Chen Jian-ren (陳建仁) said that the issue of combating human trafficking being requires concerted efforts by all countries and Taiwan cannot needs  international community partnership.

Minister of the Interior, Ye Jun-rong (葉俊榮) also said that the Ministry of the Interior will actively handle the relevant prevention measures to show the government's determination to combat human trafficking.

The Ministry of the Interior said that this year organized “2017 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking” for the first time in response to the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30 and response to the US State Department's report on human trafficking issue.

The first day of the workshop comes with the title of "10 years of effectiveness, review and outlook for the prevention and control of human trafficking in Taiwan" and inviting experts from Tier 1 countries, such as Armenia and Canada to share their experiences and to discuss about what can be done by us to improve the prevention of human trafficking. The agenda of second day is Group Discussion of Specific Issues. It will focus on issues that have raised global concern such as fishermen, house workers, working holiday and strengthening investigation powers. Using two venues to break up into smaller groups to process deep discussion on specific issues, providing experts professionals and representatives of every field with chances to communicate and exchange ideas.

The Ministry of Interior pointed out that since the establishment of a Coordination Task Force of Anti-Human Trafficking platform in January 2007, it has been more than 10 years since the prevention and control of human trafficking has been carried out. For eight consecutive days, Taiwan obtains the first level of success. In the first day of conference arrangements, it hopes to be able to communicate with the other countries, updating Taiwan’s human trafficking prevention and sophisticating the control work. The Ministry of Interior further stated that on the second day of the workshop, there will be a discussion by the experts and scholars from Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and international organizations. In total, there will be four topic categories; including “the effectiveness and prevention of fishermen's exploitation”, “overseas labour exploitation strategies and international cooperation”, “human trafficking investigation and prosecution power”, and “the strategy of family worker security system.”

The Ministry of Interior said that the annual International Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking Workshop is an important part of 4P Partnership, providing a platform for the international exchanges, cooperation, and sharing experiences. It is also promoting the cooperation with the civil society and the international organizations, maintain friendly partnership opportunities. Through these exchanges, the Ministry of Interior will be more up to date in order to prevent the human trafficking, strengthen the protection of the victims, and implements the human rights protection.

Minister of the Interior, Ye Jun-rong (Left one) and Taiwan Vice President, Chen Jian-ren (Left two) at“2017 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking”. (Photo courtesy of Taiwan News)