TRA celebrates 130 years of railway services in Taiwan

The artwork created by a Taiwanese artist depicts a train coming out of Taipei Main Station's checkerboard floor.

The art installation at the Taipei Main Station Hall. (Source: CNA)

The art installation at the Taipei Main Station Hall. (Source: CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To celebrate the 130th anniversary of railway services, the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) set up an art installation, titled Railway 3D Painting – TRAIN (鐵道3D彩繪展-TRAIN), inside Taipei Main Station Hall Saturday.

The TRA said that the artwork was created by Taiwanese artist Ash (陳彥旭). The painting depicts TRA’s orange diesel-electric train, which is important for representing the transition of Taiwan’s railways from the steam locomotive era to the diesel-electric one.

The artwork can be seen on the checkerboard floor of Taipei Main Station Hall. It creates an illusion as if a train was coming out from the underground.

The first railway tracks in Taiwan were built during 1887 to 1888 under the Qing Dynasty, with railway infrastructure stretching from Keelung via Taipei to Hsinchu. During the Japanese colonial period, the railways were greatly rebuilt and expanded as far south as Pingtung County and as far east as Yilan County. The modern railway administration was established after WWII by the then Kuomintang-led nationalist government in 1948.

The artwork was prepared by the TRA in collaboration with Breeze Center (微風廣場), a private enterprise managing the shops and food court in the station, and will remain until August 13.

The TRA also said visitors who check in at Breeze Taipei Station (微風臺北車站) on their Facebook can exchange a limited-edition notebook for free.