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Taipei's Railway Division tour available by preregistration

Taipei Railway Workshop's nighttime light-up gives citizen a different look of the national historic site

Taipei's Railway Division tour available by preregistration

Photo courtesy of photographer Cheng,Chin-Ming, lighting designer Chou Lien and ORIGINATOR LIGHTING DESIGN CONSULTANT

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Railway Division of Taiwan Governor General’s Bureau of Transportation, also known as Taipei Railway Workshop, is to open to visitors on July 19 while a guided tour will be provided every other week.

The National Taiwan Museum will launch guided tours of the heritage site starting this July on Thursdays and Sundays, for which visitors need to make reservations in advance. The tour will be provided to visitors holding valid tickets with free admission.

Taipei's Railway Division tour available by preregistration

Built in 1899, the Railway Division of Taiwan Governor-General’s Bureau of Transportation was an administration for managing and operating national railways during the Japanese colonial era.

The revitalization of the Railway Division is part of the National Taiwan Museum’s ongoing initiative of preserving, reviving, and connecting historical buildings in the core area of old Taipei, while the offices, canteens, the octagonal main building, the power room, the engineering affairs office, and the air-raid shelter of the historical site have been completed repairing so far.

Taipei's Railway Division tour available by preregistration

The guided tours – which are available by pre-registration only – will walk visitors through the individual history and development of the repaired buildings, and evoke memories of Taipei City throughout the ages.

A lighting environment improvement project for West District was implemented last December, involving the nighttime light of North Gate (Beimen), Taipei Railway Workshop, and Taipei Beimen Post Office. Visitors and citizen are able to enjoy a different look at historic buildings when it gets dark.