Photo of the Day: Sexy Taiwanese artist swims nude on Green Island

Gorgeous Taiwanese artist Wanderlust Amber checks skinny dipping at Green Island off bucket list

Image from Wanderlust Amber (安柏不在家) Facebook page

Image from Wanderlust Amber (安柏不在家) Facebook page

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Traveling artist Wanderlust Amber (安柏不在家) posted an image of herself on Facebook swimming nude off the coast of Taiwan's Green Island on Saturday, and in the four days since, the post has received 19,000 likes.

In the post she uploaded a photo of herself snorkeling underwater in the nude and in both Chinese and English writing, "My to do List in green island. Swimming naked. Check."

As only her posterior is visible in the photograph, the first comment by a netizen was a request to see a version taken of her swimming in her birthday suit from the front. She immediately responded that she would do so if the post reached 10,000 likes. The number of likes has since nearly doubled, but legions of disappointed fans have yet to see a frontal nude photo.