Photo of the day: Believe it or not, Taiwan and Australia have the same populations!

Dramatic comparison between the populations and land areas of Taiwan and Australia

Area Comparison between Taiwan and Australia (Image from Reddit_MapPorn)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Netizen posted a map of the land area comparison between Taiwan and Australia on the social network website Reddit, showing the extremely difference in size between the two countries though their populations are almost identical.

Reddit user Not-creepy shared the photo titled "24 Million People vs. 24 Million People," presenting the small territory of Taiwan transposed over a map of Australia. Taiwan has a population of 23.55 million and is 36,193 square kilometers in size, while Australia has a population of 23.78 million and covers an area of 7.692 million square kilometers. On the map, Tiny Taiwan appears as a small speck in the Australian state of Queensland which covers 1.853 million square miles, while Australia's smallest state of Tasmania is almost twice the size of Taiwan at 68,401 square kilometers. 

The stark contrast in size between the two countries generated a discussion on the Internet. One netizen said that the outline of Taiwan really looks like a feather from this distance, while another thinks the image looks like the Queensland Desert has a pocket of 24 million people in it. Another user suggested a more accurate map would compare the relatively small area where most of Australians live with the populated areas of Taiwan. 

24 Million People vs. 24 Million People [790x686] from MapPorn