Forests, moors, peat bogs: A week of walking in Scotland

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) — Scotland has more than two dozen official long-distance trails.

One of the most popular, West Highland Way, is 95 miles long (150 km), with a standard seven-day walking itinerary.

A travel company can book accommodations, plan your route and transfer your bags, but some folks do it on their own, sometimes even camping along the way. Others stay in cozy inns.

The landscape is beautiful, with forests, peat bogs, lakes and moors, but it's also often foggy and rainy, and sometimes challenging, with trails up and down hills.

The West Highland Way route also takes you into pastoral landscapes dotted with sheep and cows, mossy stone walls and livestock gates, as well as a walk through Rob Roy country, a reference to the 18th century highlands folk hero.