Terminally ill patient graduates from Chiayi school from hospital bed

Elderly man finally realizes his dream of graduating from school on his death bed

Patient graduates while he is in hospital bed (Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An elderly man in Chiayi was finally able to realize his dream of attending a graduation from school from his hospital bed on Friday. 

Hsu Fu-hsiung (許富雄), 73, was admitted to Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital in Chiayi early this month. He has been receiving dialysis for the past six years, said his son, Hsu Meng-lin (許夢麟).

He said his father stopped dialysis treatment and moved a palliative ward, because his blood pressure became unstable when receiving kidney dialysis and his body could no longer tolerate it.

Hsu said his father had attended Chang Tai school (長泰老學堂) for the past six years, but we was kept from attending because of his condition, so he asked for a "graduation ceremony" for his father. The staff prepared a graduation cap, gown, a bouquet of flowers and a graduation certificate to his hospital bed.  

Hsu said his father has been very happy at school and that classes that had been arranged for him had helped him maintain cognitive function and also had helped to delay the aging process.