Second Japanese encephalitis case reported: Chiayi

A total of 14 cases of Japanese encephalitis have been reported in Taiwan.

Image CNA

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A second Japanese encephalitis case has been reported in Chiayi, making it the 14th such case in Taiwan this year, according to health officials of the southern Taiwan county.

A 57-year-old man who resided in Shuishang Township developed a temporary loss of consciousness following fever and a stiff neck on July 7. He was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment.

After doctors examined him, it was confirmed that he had been infected with Japanese encephalitis. He is said to be infected on July 14 and is now being treated at the intensive care unit.

The man did not live near any farms, which are often the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Another woman in Chiayi aged 54 was also diagnosed with Japanese encephalitis earlier this month.

According to health officials, it is best for people to get vaccinated to protect them against mosquito-borne diseases.