Taiwanese students shoot giant hip hop dance video in one take

Students from 40 high school dance clubs gathered in Taoyuan to shoot a six-minute hip hop dance video

Taiwanese high school students dance in Taoyuan (courtesy of 中平商圈發展協會)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A hip hop dance video Taiwanese students from 40 high schools shot in one long take has gone viral online with 48,000 likes and over 12,500 shares on Facebook.

The Jung-ping Shopping District Development Council (中平商圈發展協會) in Taoyuan City invited high school students from school dance clubs in northern Taiwan to dance at the Jung-ping District in order to promote an upcoming dance competition in the shopping area.

High school students from Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli gathered and shot a six-minute-film in one single take, showing different dance styles from different clubs. The council had taken a lot of time to prepare and communicate with all of the dancers before the shoot.

It took only three hours to shoot the film, said the video's director Chang Yen-chi (張嚴之). Chang hopes he will have an opportunity to shoot another film for 100 high school dance clubs in the future.

The dance competition "Dance High School" kicks off on July 23 at the Jung-ping Shopping District. The organizer is planning to build a 66,000 square meter outdoor stage for the event, hoping it will become an annual event in Taoyuan City.