Tropical storm Talas heads for Hainan and Vietnam

Storm could disrupt air travel

Hainan, waiting for tropical storm Talas (photo by Fanghong). (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Tropical storm Talas took shape Saturday afternoon, and while it would not approach Taiwan, it might disrupt air travel to the Chinese island of Hainan and to Vietnam during the coming days, forecasters said.

The fourth tropical storm of the season was located about 290 kilometers southeast from Sanya on Hainan or 395 km east-northeast from Da Nang in Vietnam. It was moving at 14 km per hour in a west-northwesterly direction, with its reach likely to include Hainan on Sunday afternoon before making landfall in the northern part of Vietnam on Monday, forecasters said.

Some weather experts recently suggested that Taiwan might become the target of frequent typhoons during August, though others stuck to the line that this year might just see the usual four of five storms passing by the island during the whole season, which lasts into October.