Fox News editor slams UN ban on visitors from Taiwan

UN shows copy of Chinese-issued document for Taiwanese visitors

Taiwanese with Taiwan ID not welcome at UN (photo from Fox News).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Citizens of rogue states like North Korea and Syria can walk into the United Nations headquarters in New York without trouble, but citizens from peaceful Taiwan are banned, a Fox News executive wrote in an opinion piece Friday.

John Moody, an executive vice president and executive editor for the station, slammed the U.N. treatment of Taiwan in a piece titled “UN tours open to terror and thug states – but not Taiwan.”

The author points out that a sign outside the U.N. building specifically shows the image of a “mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents” (台胞證) to illustrate its point that only visitors with photo identification from a member state or an observer state can be allowed inside.

Palestinians living in Israel are not asked to show documents issued by the government of Israel, because Palestine, like the Vatican, is an observer at the U.N., Moody wrote.

“Even member states of questionable character are treated better than Taiwan,” like North Koreans, “Iranians, Venezuelans, Syrians, whose governments aren’t exactly devoted to world peace,” according to Moody.

“Ever heard of a Taiwanese terrorist? Me either,” the Fox News executive wrote, contrasting Taiwan with China’s treatment of dissidents.

Moody closed with a suggestion that United States President Donald Trump should “take two good moves,” asking for a closing of the gap in U.N. financing between the U.S. and China, while “restoring Taiwan’s dignity at the so-called world body would be another.”