Taipei police officer buys lunch while fully armed

The New Taipei Police responded the controversial image ironically

A police officer buys lunch in a buffet restaurant while fully armed in New Taipei City (Mobile01)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A netizen posted an image on the Taiwanese social networking site Mobile01 recently, showing a police officer buying lunch in a buffet restaurant fully armed in New Taipei City, and questioned whether it is appropriate.

The image was later shared by the New Taipei Police Department's Facebook page (NTPD), which expressed full support for the officer. "Instead of worrying about gun safety, one should be worried about his chicken drumstick being taken away," replied the NTPD on Facebook.

The National Police Agency (NPA) has stipulated that all the police officers, whether on duty or not, are allowed to buy meals with uniforms as long as they can perform effective police work and look after their own safety and gun security.

The NTPD added that all the holsters are equipped with special buckles to prevent them from being snatched away. It's not easy for anyone to pull the guns from behind.

Most netizens left supporting comments below the NTPD's statement. Many said they feel a lot safer sitting next to an armed cop when eating. Some said the man who posted the photo is just too bored. One Japanese restaurant boss even showed his hospitality by offering discounts for the police officers who come to his restaurant.