Taiwanese line up 10 days for Louis Vuitton items

Some customers spent more than NT$200,000 on a range of goods

A Louis Vuitton x Supreme backpack (photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A young American visitor made headlines recently by standing in line for 68 hours to be the first inside Taipei’s new Apple Store, but on Friday, people who had waited outside for 10 days entered a Louis Vuitton shop to buy items in a special series.

The sale started Friday of a range of products from handbags to clothes designed by the French fashion house in collaboration with New York designer James Jebbia‘s Supreme label.

The first customer who entered the shop at the Breeze Xinyi shopping mall Friday morning had reportedly spent more than 10 days on the walkway outside, just to be the first.

During half an hour inside, the same person spent more than NT$200,000 (US$6,592) on a backpack, a hoodie, a denim shirt and a white T-shirt, the Chinese-language United Daily News reported.

However, not all of the estimated 200 people who were lining up Friday morning had intended to buy items for themselves, the news reports said. Some had been paid an average of NT$200 (US$6.59) an hour just to line up and to represent buyers who did not want to make the effort of standing outside in the heat for days and nights on end, reports said.

Despite the lines, there was no chaos as the store opened its doors at 11 a.m. Friday. Only five customers were allowed inside simultaneously, and each received half an hour to work his way down from the second floor to the exit on the first floor.

The first five were all men below the age of 30, reports said, while the seventh customer, a young woman, said the backpack she had planned to buy out had already been sold out, but she nevertheless spent over NT$200,000 on other items.