Would you dare read your wife’s texts and not reply? Not after you read this!

The judge granted a divorce after agreeing that it was heartless of the husband to read his wife's messages without replying.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Hsinchu District Court judge granted a woman a divorce after agreeing that it was “heartless” for her husband to “blue tick” her when she was hospitalized.

The woman, who is surnamed Lin, revealed to the court that she moved out of her husband’s family home last year sometime in May when she realized that the husband’s family was rude and unfriendly to her, as reported by Liberty Times Net.

Later after moving out, she was involved in an accident in July and was admitted to hospital. During her days in the hospital she constantly tried to reach out to her husband, sending him text messages on Line App but to only to see that her husband read her messages but did not care to reply.

In screenshots of a Line conversation shown in court, Lin sent her husband the following Chinese messages: "Hubby, you know where I live, why don't you visit me?"

"I got into a car accident, I'm in the ICU!"

"Hubby, I'm in the hospital ward."

"Hubby, why do you keep blueticking me?"

"Hubby, is it necessary for things to become so cold between husband and wife?"

"Hubby, are you just going to be so ruthless and not ask me anything?"

"Hubby, why do you treat me like this?"

Her husband did not reply to a single message.

After reading the messages, the court ruled that in the serious situation when the wife is hospitalized and the husband does not even care to reply to a single text, instead ‘blue ticks’ her shows the state of their marriage.

Hence the court granted the couple a divorce citing irreconcilable differences and a lack of affection and mutual respect.