Photo of the Day: Meowing mechanic

Kitty car mechanic making some badly needed repurrs

(Image from 爆料公社一日小編 )

(Image from 爆料公社一日小編 )

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On Tuesday a member of the Taiwanese Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆笑公社) posted photos of a cat lying on his back with its legs splayed under the engine of an Audi looking a lot like an auto repair mechanic. 

Breaking News Commune user Tsai Tien-ming (蔡天鳴) posted images of a feline car aficionado with legs splayed under an Audi and wrote, "Master, you've already spent half a day inspecting the car, have you found any problems?"

Several users then made humorous comments about the cat:

"Master are you still awake? Master: Zzzzzz..."

"Customer, please prepare two cans, and I'll check again later. Oh yeah, and while you're at it please get me some catnip. After I finish, I'll have a smoke."

"The problem isn't too serious, it's just that I can't find where the engine is."

"The master said, the motor, breaks, radiator, are all busted, and there's no way to fix them, you might as well just sell it for scrap. That will be NT$50 (US$1.64)." 

Breaking News Commune user Tsai Tien-ming (蔡天鳴)