Police puppies do internship for Taipei Universiade

The puppies follow the senior sniffer dogs to the sport venue for drug training

A sniffer puppy in training at a sport venue. (Image from Facebook NPA 署長室)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Police puppies followed the senior sniffer dogs sniffing around the sports venue in Taipei for drug training for the upcoming Taipei Summer Universiade in August.

The director of the National Police Agency (NPA) Chen Kuo-en (陳國恩) posted several images on Facebook Thursday, showcasing the first experience for the 'Little Six' (六小萌), the six new 'interns' of the New Taipei's police dog unit training in a big sports field. 

The puppies were curious about everything and tried to run into every corner of the venue, which made it difficult at first for the police to walk them. However, being fearless and outgoing is actually an important characteristic for an official sniffer dog, according to Chen.

Although the puppies are not yet ready for duty, the training will help them get used to their future daily duties while showcasing the NPA's anti-terrorism measures before the significant sporting event.

The sniffer puppies have also started their training for drug and blood tracking recently, added Chen. He hopes that every puppy can pass the training in the end, bringing in a fresh troop to the police dog unit.