Tsai advocates realization of Liu Xiabo's Chinese Dream

Liu Xiabo's democratic advocacy will not be forgotten in Taiwan

Liu Xiabo has been a popular, outspoken advocate against the Chinese government since the 80's. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Yesterday President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) extended her condolences to the family of Liu Xiabo on Twitter. 

Tsai's Twitter post boldly advocates for the realization of Liu Xiabo's Chinese Dream, which Tsai rephrases as:

Only through democracy, in which every Chinese person has freedom and respect, can China truly become a proud and important country.

Liu Xiabo passed away Thursday morning from multiple organ failures. 

After being labeled a criminal by the Chinese government in 2010, he was unable to leave the country to accept his Nobel Peace Prize, the only Nobel Peace Prize ever awarded to a Chinese citizen. Since then, Liu has become a symbol of democratic struggle around the world.

President Tsai's Twitter post focuses on the Chinese state's quelling of democracy and proudly shows Taiwan's willingness to look past previous transgressions:

If the Chinese dream is democracy, then Taiwan will provide any assistance necessary to achieve this objective. [...] Liu Xiaobo has no enemies because democracy has no enemies. 

Further, Tsai encouraged China to embrace democratic reforms so that the Chinese people may enjoy democratic freedoms and improved diplomatic relations.