Taiwanese drug smuggler shot by Indonesian police

On Thursday, the Indonesian police shot a Taiwanese drug smuggler when the accused resisted arrest.

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A suspected Taiwanese meth smuggler named as an international drugs ring leader was shot dead by an Indonesian police force Thursday..

Police said the accused resisted arrest. They went on to seize the largest amount of crystal methamphetamine in Indonesia's history, reports said. Two other Taiwanese smugglers were arrested, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today.

The shooting took place during a raid in Anyer, a town about 130 kilometers west of the capital city Jakarta.

The raid occurred after the Indonesian police were tipped off about a large shipment of drugs by the Taiwanese police. Approximately one ton of crystal methamphetamine was confiscated from the location.

"Our personnel took the action because the suspect resisted arrest," said police spokesperson Argo Yuwono about the shooting.

The man shot was reportedly the leader of an international drug smuggling ring. Two other men of Taiwanese nationality were arrested, while one still remains on the run.