Cracks appear in glass skywalk above Pacific Ocean in Taiwan

A man was seen hitting the glass with a rock: reports

Cracks appeared in the Fengbin Skywalk Wednesday.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Less than two weeks after its inauguration, cracks in the glass skywalk above the Pacific Ocean in the Hualien County township of Fengbin (豐濱) forced a shutdown Wednesday.

The first visitors were allowed to walk across and watch waves crashing into the cliffs 50 meters below on July 1.

Around Wednesday noon, reports emerged that one plate of tempered glass covering half the width of the path had cracked.

The local government immediately shut down the whole 150-meter-long path, of which a 20-meter-long stretch consists of steel beams and glass, and sent a crew to replace the broken segment. Their work was completed by Wednesday afternoon, allowing the authorities to announce that the skywalk would be open for business again on Thursday morning. Surveillance cameras would be installed, reports said.

Officials reportedly said a man had been seen hitting the glass with a rock but had run off when tourists approached. Since it had been unable to identify and locate the culprit, the local government was not planning to file a lawsuit for the time being, reports said.

Construction of the skywalk (親不知子天空步道) lasted three years and followed a track dating back to the Japanese colonial era. The entrance of the path is located next to the southern entrance of the Xinfeng Tunnel (新豐隧道) at kilometer mark 41.5 on the Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway.