Work permit re-application process simplified for foreign professionals

Diplomas and other qualification certificates waived for foreign professionals re-applying for work permits

Image from user Karen Arnold.

Image from user Karen Arnold.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Effective this month, foreign professionals who have worked in Taiwan and are applying for the same type of work, will no longer have to submit diplomas and other qualification certificates, announced the Ministry of Labor (MOL) on its website yesterday.

The ministry said it simplified the permit application process in order to attract more foreign professionals to work in Taiwan. Effective this month (July), foreign professionals who apply for a new job in the same field they previously worked for in Taiwan or if they are re-applying for the same employer after a hiatus, no longer have to submit qualification certificates such as diplomas, teaching certificates, teacher training certificates, national sports coach certificates, performing arts credentials, etc...

The ministry explained that in the case of foreign professionals applying for the same type of work done before with a new employer or when returning to a prior employer after a hiatus, as long as the required documentation is still present and is not subject to expiration or change, applicants are now exempt from re-submitting duplicate documents which are already in the MOL's records.

In the past, foreign professionals who had previously worked in Taiwan but were changing employers or were re-hired by prior employers after a hiatus were required to submit bachelor's or master's diplomas. Based on last year's work applications, the ministry estimates that about 25 percent of foreign applicants for work visas will benefit from the removal of this requirement, or about 7,000 people.

This new waiver only applies to foreign nationals who engage in the same type of work or are returning to a previous employer after a hiatus, if they change to a new kind of job or are a first-time applicant, the full list of documentation will be required.

Foreign nationals work engage in work that falls outside the parameters of their work permit are subject to a fine of NT$30,000-NT$150,000 (US$4,900).

The ministry stressed that in order to further assist employers in expediting the hiring of foreign professionals and to speed up administrative efficiency, it will continue to actively seek to reduce bureaucracy. If members of the public have any questions about the work permit application process, more information is available at the EZ Work Taiwan website, and for foreigners, there is an English version which provides application forms and instructions. Inquiries by phone can also be made to the EZ Work Taiwan information hotline at 02-89956000.

Updated : 2020-12-04 07:28 GMT+08:00