The cheapest way to order in McDonald’s

How often do you visit McDonald's?


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Are you a fast food lover? Do you find yourself running inside a nearby McDonalds frequently? Here are some essential hacks that would help you get the same meal for a relatively cheaper price.

Users on the DCard website have shared some important suggestions that they claim not all the McDonald’s staff are aware of.

For example, if you get a McChicken set meal which consists of a McChicken burger, a medium size fries and a small corn soup, this would cost around NT$95.

But if you go for the “1+1=50” set meal in the chain store, you can get the McChicken Burger with a corn soup for NT$50, and if you add another medium fries, it would cost you additional NT$40. The total price would be NT$90, and you can save NT$5 for the same meal.

In addition, if you are a frequent visitor, there is the VIP card that allows you to enjoy NT$10 special discounts on small cone McSwirls, small drinks, small fries and apple pies. But you can only order one item using the VIP card per trip.

If you are a nuggets lover and want to try the Chicken McNuggets set meal, try using the Sweet Card coupon (甜心卡,Tian Xin Ka). The normal order of a Chicken McNuggets set would include 9 pieces of chicken nuggets, one large fries and a medium size drink for NT$ 147. You can change the medium size drink for a large one with additional NT$7.

With the Sweet Card coupon, you can order Chicken McNuggets for NT$89, one large fries for NT$52 with two large drinks. All of this is only for NT$ 141, which is NT$6 less than the original set meal price with one extra large drink.

So when are you going to the nearest McDonald’s next?