Gogoro delivers over a thousand scooters across Taiwan Saturday

The company has sold over 13,000 electric scooters in five weeks.

Gorogo held delivery events to hand more than 1,000 scooters to its customers across Taiwan. (Source:CNA)

Gorogo held delivery events to hand more than 1,000 scooters to its customers across Taiwan. (Source:CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Over a thousand Gogoro 2, the company’s second-generation electric scooter launched late in May, were delivered at 34 pick-up points and shops across Taiwan Saturday morning, reports said.

Gogoro had received over 13,000 orders for the Gogoro 2 until June 30 since its release on May 25, said the company.

The manufacturer is confident that sales this year in Taiwan will double that of the previous year, which stood at 17,000 scooters.

Gogoro held special delivery events with video calls in Taipei, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung Saturday morning, and with other pick-up points and shops, there were about 1,300 scooters handed over to customers on a single day, said the company.

Horace Luke (陸學森), founder of Gogoro, said that there are nearly 400 battery-charging stations around the island now, and more will be built in the future.

"We will collaborate with 7-11, RT-Mart (大潤發), and PX Mart (全聯) to build charging stations in these retailing shops and malls," said Luke.

One in four customers who ordered the Gogoro 2 exchanged their two-stroke scooters, which emit high volumes of polluted air and will thus be banned by the government in 2020, for a governmental subsidy, and more than half of the customers in Kaohsiung chose the subsidy program, said Luke.

Gogoro is a Taiwan-based company founded in 2011. It manufactures electric scooters and builds battery-swapping infrastructure often in collaboration with governments or municipalities. Taiwan is the primary market for Gogoro, but it has expanded to Berlin, Germany and Paris, France in 2017 through scooter-sharing services which are supported by both public and private organizations.