HTC phone 'explodes' in Indian woman's hand

An Indian woman claims her HTC 10 Desire Pro ignited while she was walking to her office in Strasbourg, France

Nidhi Kapoor's bandaged hand after her HTC phone "exploded." (Photo by Nidhi Kapoor)

Nidhi Kapoor's bandaged hand after her HTC phone "exploded." (Photo by Nidhi Kapoor)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An Indian woman, who is currently studying in France, claims that her HTC 10 Desire Pro smartphone suddenly ignited and burned her hand and caused an eye infection.

In an interview with Taiwan News, Nidhi Kapoor, 25, a native of New Delhi, who is currently in an MBA program at EM Strasbourg Business School, said on the morning of June 21 at around 9 a.m. while walking to her office, she felt her phone in her back pocket suddenly starting to become alarmingly hot, "like it was on fire or something."

She took the phone out and saw that it was rapidly overheating, and had "a gut feeling that something that something wrong was about to happen," she said. She tried to throw the phone away, but it was too late and it "exploded" in her right hand causing second degree burns to her fingers and an eye infection in her right eye.

The phone continued to emit smoke, so she wrapped it up and put it in her backpack before heading to her office. She said that the phone had become so hot that it had burned through three pockets in her bag. Kapoor says her doctor believes that tiny debris from the phone injured her right eye and led to an infection.

Back of the HTC 10 Desire Pro smartphone after igniting. (Image by Nidhi Kapoor)

Kapoor says that she tried to contact HTC support via the company's website and Facebook page, but claims that she did not receive a response for a week. After not receiving a satisfactory response, she make her story public by posting an image of her bandaged hand on her Facebook page, which quickly went viral. That same day she was contacted by HTC customer support representatives who asked her to send her medical reports, photos of the phone, and the damaged device itself.

One week after being contacted by HTC, she received a new phone, the U11, and a box to send the damaged phone back to the company to investigate what caused the phone to ignite.

Front of Kapoor's HTC phone after the fire. (Image by Nidhi Kapoor)

When Taiwan News contacted HTC for a comment on the incident, the company sent a statement reading:

"Regarding the June 21, 2017 accidental burning of Ms. Kapoor by her phone in France.

1. HTC would like to dispel rumors that the accident occurred in India. After verification with the consumer Ms. Kapoor, the accident actually occurred in France.

2. HTC will work together with a trusted third party forensic unit to clarify the truth. "

The statement also addressed other recent reports of HTC explosions and said that all such cases after a thorough investigation have been found to be caused by "improper external force, abnormal dismantling, and external intervention, rather than the company's products."

In the most recent such incident in Taiwan, what had initially been reported as an "explosion" by an HTC phone on an MRT on June 28, was found the next day by police to be a hoax committed by a man suffering from mental illness.

Image of Kapoor's hand taken today. (Nidhi Kapoor)