I-Mei Foods is top Taiwan consumer brand for third time

Brand reaches 87 percent of Taiwanese consumers

I-Mei Foods is still Taiwan's top consumer brand. (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – I-Mei Foods Co. (義美食品) has maintained its position as the No.1 Taiwanese consumer brand for the third time, according to the 2017 Brand Footprint survey by Kantar Worldpanel.

The study shows that over the past year, 87 percent of all Taiwanese households bought I-Mei products an average of 8.1 times, or totaling 58.5 million times, a rise of 270,000 households from the previous year.

The statistics single out I-Mei Foods as the only Taiwanese consumer products company which reached more than 80 percent of families, according to Kantar research.

The main reasons for the company holding on to its No.1 position include its positive image on food safety which succeeded in winning and holding on to the trust of consumers, and the active presenting of new products while still emphasizing the local origin and the quality of the ingredients, Kantar Worldpanel said.

Taiwanese brands occupied the full top-10 of trusted consumer products, but also seven out of 10 places on the list for the most rapidly growing brands, showing that the producers were able to stay in close touch with the marketplace and to respond quickly to demand.

The only other Taiwanese company which succeeded in attracting more than 50 million purchases was Kuang Chuan Dairy Co., Ltd. (光泉牧場股份有限公司).

For its report on Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Kantar Worldpanel studied 43 countries in five continents, covering 73 percent of the world population and 75 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product, and 300 billion purchasing decisions by 1.1 billion households.