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Taipei bike lane fines of NT$300 to kick in July 17

Taipei to start fining bike lane law violators July 17

Taipei bike lane fines of NT$300 to kick in July 17

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Bike riders who stray from the official bike lanes on sidewalks will be fined NT$300 (US$10) beginning July 17, announced the head of Department of Transportation Chang Jer-yang (張哲揚) on Saturday at a transportation meeting report presided over by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je 柯文哲.

Once enforcement of the law begins, those bike riders who are caught cycling on the sidewalk outside of bike lane markings will be subject to a fine of NT$300. If a sidewalk does not have a designated bike lane, they must ride in the slow lane of the street.

Also, beginning on January 1 of next year, bicycles which have been parked illegally will be towed away.

During the meeting, Ko said that the police department reported that the six month grace period since the new law went effect is reaching its end, and the new bicycle lane network is nearing completion, such as sections of Xinyi Road, Renai Road, Xinsheng Road, and Roosevelt Road.

After hearing the details of the new enforcement measures that are about to go into effect, Ko said that publicity about the new law has not been widespread enough, saying, "If the mayor doesn't know about it, how can the average citizen?" He said that because of this lack of public awareness, another two weeks of intense publicity should be carried out first before the fines are levied on cyclists.

Chang told the media that since January 5 of this year, there have already been 296 reported cases of cyclists straying onto unmarked sidewalks and covered sidewalks. However, because the mayor has asked for two more weeks of publicity, no fines have been imposed thus far.