Mipaliw Wetlands Art Festival reflect the beauty of Hualien in Taiwan

Eleven artworks created by local artists highlight the natural beauty of the water terrace along the coast of eastern Taiwan.

An artwork of the festival. (Source: CNA)

An artwork of the festival. (Source: CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – With 11 artworks created to show the vitality of life and beauty of the east coast of Taiwan, the 2017 Mipaliw Wetlands Art Festival (2017米粑流濕地藝術季) opened Saturday in Fengbin (豐濱鄉), Hualien.

The word, Mipaliw, which means mutual help in the language of the Amis (阿美族), an aboriginal group inhabiting in Hualien, serves as the theme of the festival, said Forestry Bureau's Hualien branch, the festival organizer.

Eleven artists have stayed in Fengbin, a small coastal township located at the southern end of Hualein's coastal mountain range, since May. For nearly two months, they were surrounded by the wetlands and water terraces, trying to create artworks that reflect the landscape and their beauty, said the bureau.

Through interactions and mutual help, artists built friendship with the village people during their stay, said Sumi Dongi (舒米如妮), coordinator for the festival.

The bureau has started the reviving and preservation work of water terraces in Fengbin since 2000, with the help of village people and experts from the Agricultural Research and Extension Station and National Dong Hwa University (東華大學), said the bureau.

The artworks are displayed in two areas of the township, including Shihtiping, which is famous for coral reefs and unique topography, and its neighboring village, Fuhsing Village (復興無菸部落).

Apart from the art installations, there will also be music concerts and a market in the village. For more information, you can go to the festival’s Facebook Page.