Top 10 sights in Taiwan Japanese tourists love to visit

A surprising list of top 10 attractions in Taiwan among Japanese tourists, and Taipei 101 did not make the cut!

Rainbow Village. (Image by flickr user Yu-Hsin Hung)

Rainbow Village. (Image by flickr user Yu-Hsin Hung)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Japanese travel agency H.I.S. has just released the results of a survey of Japanese tourists on their favorite places to visit in Taiwan and Taipei 101 did not make the list, rather Japanese are choosing smaller, less famous sites to spend their time at.

Instead of the old standbys like Taipei 101, Chiang-kai Shek Memorial, and National Palace Museum, the Japan-based travel agency's online survey of 2,000 Japanese visitors favorite destinations in Taiwan found smaller "veterans villages" from the past and restaurants specializing in Taiwanese delicacies were more popular.

Based on the results of the survey, instead of hitting famous landmarks in Taiwan, Japanese tourists seem to be more interested in finding vintage or colorful locations to take photos to show to their friends. Examples include the 1970s suitcases stacked on a wall inside the 1969 Blue Sky Hotel, the psychedelic colors of Rainbow Village, the stained glass of Formosa Boulevard Station's "Dome of Light," and the dramatic contrast of old and new at Four Four South Village.

The other salient trend was the obsession with colorful concoctions such as Paradise Dynasty's five-color soup dumplings, Dream Cool's multi-layered fruit shake, Tai Cheng Fruit Shop's shaved ice, Meat Up's burgers and smoothies, and The Florist's colorful smoothies.

Top ten attractions listed by Japanese visitors to Taiwan:

1. Paradise Dynasty (樂天朝皇) in Taipei's Xinyi District and its five-color soup dumplings (五色小籠包)

Paradise Dynasty's five-color soup dumplings. (Paradise Dynasty Facebook page)

2. 1969 Blue Sky Hotel lobby in Taichung (1969 藍天飯店)

The lobby of 1969 Blue Sky Hotel. (1969 Blue Sky Hotel Facebook page)

3. The Rainbow Village in Taichung (彩虹眷村)

Rainbow Village. (Image by flickr user ​othree)

4. "Dome of Light" at Kaohsiung MRT Formosa Boulevard Station (美麗島站-光之穹頂)

Formosa Boulevard Station's "Dome of Light." (Wikimedia Commons)

5. Emack & Bolio’s ice cream in Taipei’s Xinyi District

(Emack & Bolio’s Facebook page)

6. Meat Up burger and smoothie restaurant in Taipei’s Wanhua District

(Meet Up Facebook page)

7. Tai Cheng Fruit Shop's (泰成水果店) shaved ice in Tainan​

Tai Cheng Fruit Shop Facebook page.

8. Dream Cool's multi-layered fruit shake in Taipei’s Wanhua District

(Dream Cool 夢之飲 Facebook page)

9. Four Four South Village (四四南村) in Taipei's Xinyi District

Four Four South Village with Taipei 101 in the background. (Wikimedia Commons)

10. The Florist (花匠) romantic flower wall and smoothies in Taichung

The Florist's famous flower wall with colorful smoothies. (花匠The Florist Facebook page)