HTC phone 'explosion' a hoax

Police say so-called 'explosion' of HTC phone was actually a self-inflicted injury by a man with mental illness

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- What was initially reported as an "explosion" of a HTC phone on a Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train yesterday was actually a hoax, announced HTC (宏達電) today, thanking the Taipei police for quickly establishing the facts of the incident, reports CNA.

At around 6 p.m. yesterday evening, a man named Chen, believed to be in his early twenties, while riding a train traveling through Nanjing Songjiang MRT Station during the evening rush hour, claimed that his HTC phone had exploded and glass shards had injured his hand. However, when police reviewed the security cameras on the MRT, they quickly realized that the injuries were purely self inflicted.

The police said that when they reviewed the footage of the incident, the man could be seen deliberately smashing his phone and then using the sharp edges of the shattered device to cut his left hand.

When contacted by the police, the man's family revealed that he suffers from mental illness, had been emotionally unstable, and that the phone did not actually explode.

HTC thanked the police for swiftly presenting the facts in the case and also thanked their customers for their concern. Lastly, they wished the injured man a speedy recovery.

Netizens on the Taiwanese online forum PTT quickly weighed in on the story saying his ability to break a phone in half showed "divine power," and called him a "master among the common folk."

The police have not said whether they will press charges against Chen for making a false claim.