Exploding phone injures man on Taipei MRT

Cause unknown, phone initially reported as HTC model

Man injured by exploding smartphone inside MRT system.

Man injured by exploding smartphone inside MRT system. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A young man’s left hand was injured when his smartphone, initially reported as an HTC model, exploded as he was traveling on a Taipei Mass Rapid Transit train, reports said Wednesday.

The cause of the explosion was still being investigated, according to officials. Previous smartphone explosions across the world during the past years were most frequently linked to South Korean phone giant Samsung.

The man named Chen and believed to be in his early twenties, was a passenger on a train traveling through Nanjing Songjiang MRT Station during the evening rush hour, around 6 p.m.

For an unexplained reason, the phone he was holding in his hand exploded, with glass shards injuring his hand and causing him to bleed profusely, reports said.

After initial treatment, an ambulance arrived to transfer the man to hospital, but he never lost consciousness during the incident, reports said.

Police collected the fragments of the phone, which was a model produced by Taiwan’s HTC, according to media reports.