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Ichiran Ramen Taipei breaks record for longest continuous wait

Taipei Ichiran Ramen noodle restaurant has dubious distinction of breaking record for longest continuous queues

Diners line up at Ichiran Ramen restaurant.

Diners line up at Ichiran Ramen restaurant. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's first Ichiran Ramen noodle restaurant, which opened on June 15, has now broken its record for the longest continuous queue for patrons, reports Apple Daily.

Located on Songren Road in Taipei's Xinyi District and open 24 hours, the restaurant has set a new record of 240 hours of diners continuously queuing to try its world famous noodles.

The previous record of non-stop queuing was 196 hours, held by the ramen chain's branch in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay.

Netizens mocked the hordes of people waiting in line at the noodle shop:

"Lining up for that is a bit stupid, but as long as they're happy."

"A shameful world record has finally finished."

"I can't eat it, it's too expensive for me."

The price for its best-selling ramen, Tonkotsu ramen, is NT$288 (US$9.5), additional noodles can be had for NT$25 (US$0.8) extra.

Ichiran Ramen Taipei breaks record for longest continuous wait
A PTT user took this photo after the line finally calmed down.

Prior to opening its Taipei branch, Ichiran Ramen said it will send ramen experts from Japan to make sure its Taiwanese customers receive exactly the same flavor and experience as at its establishments in Japan.

To offer its Taiwanese customers exactly the same atmosphere in Japan, the Taipei restaurant has installed the same order machine and seats as it is in Japan.

Outside of Japan, Ichiran Ramen also has restaurants in Hong Kong and New York.