Taipei city launches platform

Taipei city government initiates sytem to pay utility bills and parking fees.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei city government has initiated a new way to pay utility bills and parking fees.

The city government on Sunday unveiled a new mobile payment platform called

The government says the platform can be used to make utility bill payments, parking fees and as well as pay for services at Taipei City Hospital's eight branches.

At the news conference yesterday morning, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) said, integrates the various payment systems of the city. Previously the departments had to negotiate with different payment companies to manage the collection of various payments made by citizens.

"With the establishment of the new payment system, previous limitations on when and where bills could be paid will be overcome," Ko said, adding that the new system would also allow citizens to make payments at midnight.

Ko added that electronic e-commerce development and distribution are a part of the new economic trend that must be managed instead of stopped. He hopes the nation can develop its e-commerce services as fast as Shanghai.

He is set to attend the twin-city forum between Taipei and Shanghai next month where he is determined to discuss e-commerce development.

"No matter the pace the central government is moving forward; we (the city government) will not be dragged down,”concluded Ko.