'Golden Melody' of Taiwan: Veterans, newcomers split top awards

Music veterans and newcomers on Saturday split the top awards at the 28th Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan's biggest music awards event.

Music veterans and newcomers on Saturday split the top awards at the 28th Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan's biggest music awards event. (CNA photo)

Music veterans and newcomers on Saturday split the top awards at the 28th Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan's biggest music awards event.

Taiwanese singer Sangpuy Katatepan (桑布伊), known for performing the ancient tunes of his indigenous Puyuma tribe, grabbed the night's biggest award, Album of the Year, with his "Yaangad."

He also won the awards for Best Vocalist--Aboriginal Language and Best Vocal Recording Album.

Veteran rock band Mayday (五月天), meanwhile, picked up the Best Album in Mandarin and Best Lyricist with its
"History of Tomorrow."

Newcomer No Party For Cao Dong (草東沒有派對), meanwhile, won Best Musical Group, Best New Artist and Song of the Year with its debut album "The Servile."

Considered a "dark horse" contestant this year, the band has been touted for the dynamic energy in their music. Its album "The Servile" has been said to reflect the voices of the frustrated young generation who suffer from low wages and a lack of opportunities.

Taiwan's Eve Ai (艾怡良), who has been dubbed as "Taiwan's Adele," nabbed the Best Female Vocalist--Mandarin for her album "Talk About Eve."

Hong Kong singer-songwriter Khalil Fong (方大同) took home the Best Male Vocalist--Mandarin award for his album "Journey to the West." It was the sixth time Fong has been nominated for the award, but it was the first time he walked away the winner.

The Special Contribution Award was awarded to 81-year-old Taiwanese singer Chi Lu-shyia (紀露霞) and the late singer-songwriter Chang Yu-sheng (張雨生).

Below is the complete list of this year's winners:

Vocal - Record Label Awards:

● Album of the Year: "Yaangad" / Sangpuy / Katatepan Cultural Studio

● Song of the Year: "Simon Says" from "The Servile" / Rocksurf

● Best Album in Mandarin: "History of Tomorrow" / B'in Music International Ltd

● Best Album in Taiwanese: "Ding Zi Hua" / Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.

● Best Album in Hakka: "The Golden Age" / Sincerely Music

● Best Album in an Aboriginal Language: "Vavayan" / Elevenz Production & Publishing Co.

● Best Music Video: Chai "Chang and Lee" / Anlemouse Production Company (Director: Peng Jhun-yi, Zhu Qi-guang, Chang Hsi-an)

Vocal - Individual Awards

● Best Female Vocalist-Mandarin: Eve Ai / "Talk About Eve" / Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.

● Best Male Vocalist-Mandarin: Khalil Fong / "Journey to the West"/ Fu Music Limited.

● Best Female Vocalist-Taiwanese: Olivia Tsao / "A Song of Missing" / Atime Artist Management Co., Ltd.

● Best Male Vocalist-Taiwanese: Hsieh Ming-Yu / "Chiou nien" /Kawa Music Co. Ltd.

● Best Vocalist-Hakka: UrbanCat / "The Golden Age" / Sincerely Music.

● Best Vocalist-Aboriginal Language: Sangpuy / "Yaangad" / Katatepan Cultural Studio.

● Best New Artist: No Party For Cao Dong / "The Servile" / Rocksurf.

● Best Composer: Europa Huang / "Centrifugal Force" from album "Centrifugal Force" / Asia Muse Entertainment.

● Best Lyricist: Mayday's A-Shin / "Almost Famous" from "History of Tomorrow" / B'in Music International Ltd.

● Best Arrangement: Ellen Joyce Loo / "Darling" from "Imperfections"/ Rockmui Ltd.

● Best Album Producer: Huang Ching Shih Yi / "Vavayan" / Elevenz Production & Publishing Co., Ltd.

● Best Single Producer: Howe / "You Made My Day" from "You Made My Day" / Asia Muse Entertainment.

● Best Musical Group: No Party For Cao Dong / "The Servile" /Rocksurf.

● Best Vocal Collaboration: Mr. Miss:Tu Kai; Ko Fei / "Mr. Miss" / Steve Music Studio.

Instrumental - Record Label Awards

● Best Album: "SEDAR" /Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.

Instrumental - Individual Awards

● Best Album Producer: CinCin Lee/ "Cin Cinema" / CinCin Lee Production Ltd.

● Best Composer: Sedar Chin / "Arboreal Tunnel" (feat. Richard Bona) from "SEDAR" / Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.

Technical - Individual Awards

● Best Recording Package: Starr Chen; Hsu Ting Ho; Rookie; John Yu; Kitsunemene; MoMo; Summer Lee / "Welcome To The Next Level" / X Entertainment.

Technical - Record Label Awards

● Best Vocal Recording Album Award: "Yaangad"/Katatepan Cultural Studio (Recording engineers: Sun Tien-chih, Main Mixing Engineers, Sun Tien-chih; Main mastering post-production: Ted Jensen).

● Best Instrumental Recording Album Award: "SEDAR"/Sony Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd. (Recording engineers: Li Yueh-sung, Ma Li, Hsu Teng-man, Goh Hotoda, Wang Yao-wei, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Dustin Higgns, Richard Bons, Chris Parks, Brendan Muldowney, James Genus, Chin Su-feng, Scott Henderson, Chia Yi-nan, Alain Caron, Julian Miller; Main mixing engineers: Goh Hotoda, Ma Li; Main mastering post-production: Bob Ludwing)

Special Contribution Award:

Chi Lu-shyia, Chang Yu-sheng

Jury Award:

Sheng-xiang band / "Village Besieged."

(Lin Sheng-xiang)

(From Sheng-xiang band's 2013 album)