Street shots in Taipei

American photographer captures candid moments of street life in Taipei

Street butcher plying his trade. (Photo by Andrew Haimerl) 

Street butcher plying his trade. (Photo by Andrew Haimerl) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American photographer has created a collection of images he has captured on the streets of Taipei over the three and half years he has lived in Taiwan.

The photographer, Andrew Haimerl (韓莫), 30, first came to Taiwan "to experience something unique while practicing my creative passion." What started as a one-year stint has turned into over three years, but Haimerl says it feels like only six months and he could spend the rest of his life in Taiwan taking photos.

When asked why he likes street photography, Haimerl said, "I often find funny or strange people to shoot. I feel that street photography is a good extension of my personality." With photos of ordinary people such as these, Haimerl is also seeking to "expand people's consciousness by pointing out things that often go ignored in our daily lives."

Most of the following photographs were taken around Taipei or popular tourist attractions in the Greater Taipei area.

Beverage vendor riding his portable stand.

MRT staff member directing mob of passengers away from a staircase.

Homeless man selling "Big Issue" magazine.

Mom and pop betel nut store.

Man getting body art added at a tattoo shop.

Person waiting for the MRT.

Colorful street character riding an adult tricycle.

Pair seated on a bench in Tamsui.

Male mannequin wearing panties at a smartphone accessory shop.

Man perusing the selection of pornographic movies at an outdoor DVD stand.

Man selling cucumbers.

Woman sorting through her items collected for recycling.

Woman ties a child's hair.

Elderly woman sitting alone in a wheelchair.

Graffiti has become more prevalent in recent years in Taipei.

Taking a break after a long day of fishing.

If you would like to see more of Haimerl's work, visit his Instagram account @drewzshots.