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Photo of the Day: Stopping to smell the hydrangeas

Photo of a woman surrounded by hydrangeas on Yangmingshan National Park gets over 1.47 million likes

Screen capture from Instagram user vivianhaung.

Screen capture from Instagram user vivianhaung.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A photo of a woman posing in the patch of hydrangeas in Yangmingshan National Park has received over a million likes on Instagram.

In the image, Instagram user Vivian Huang from Tainan is pictured in the midst of a cluster of light blue and purple hydrangeas. In her original post, Huang wrote "If I was a flower, I would only bloom for you,"which generated over 3,000 likes.

Instagram then selected her image to post on its official account under the hashtag #TheWeekOnInstagram and quoted her as saying, "The light coming down from between the clouds made these flowers even more dazzling," which then garnered over 1.47 million likes thus far.

The blooming period for hydrangea flowers around Yangmingshan's Bamboo Lake is generally from May to June. There are seven to eight varieties of hydrangeas in the area including pure white, pink with red edges, pink, purple, light blue, among others.

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