Tokyo's governor decides to modernize Tsukiji fish market

TOKYO (AP) — The Tokyo governor says the giant Tsukiji fish market, popular with tourists, will stay, although it will get modernized and developed within five years.

Gov. Yuriko Koike, the first woman to lead Japan's capital, told reporters Tuesday that the market will temporarily move to Toyosu, which required a 600 billion yen ($6 billion) investment.

She canceled the move in August, just months before Toyosu's scheduled opening, after food safety concerns were raised.

Toxins have been found in Toyosu's soil and groundwater.

The initial plan was to sell the Tuskiji property, possibly for a shopping mall or casino.

Koike says she is opposed to such a one-time cash gain. She sees Tsukiji as a valuable brand and landmark. Toyosu will undergo measures to ensure its water and soil meet safety standards.