US company to export GM potatoes to Taiwan

A US company has applied to export genetically modified potatoes to Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A U.S. company has filed an application to export genetically modified (GM) potatoes to Taiwan.

The Council of Agriculture announced on Monday that it will tighten its regulations governing imports of genetically modified potatoes. They have asked suppliers to label their products made using GM potatoes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare posted notice of the application submitted by the U.S company -- SPS International Inc.

The FDA said the agency will carry out a review, but information about when or whether the application has been approved was not mentioned.

This is the first-ever application made by a foreign company, since the government lifted the ban on GM potatoes back in 2002,

If the application is approved, more and more products that are highly favored by consumers such as French fries and potato chips will be most likely be made with GM potatoes, according to Fang Yi-tan (方怡丹), a section chief at the COA's Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA).