Attacker of Taiwanese singer sentenced to 7 years and 6 months

Convicted robber was familiar with Chiang's residential complex

Jody Chiang at a 2015 farewell concert in Kaohsiung. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A man who attacked Taiwanese singer Jody Chiang (江蕙) and her brother at their home in New Taipei City was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison Tuesday, but appeals were still possible.

Last December 18 in the evening, a man in his fifties named Chen (陳) pretended to be a security guard to gain entry into the Chiangs’ apartment at the Fontainebleau complex in Tamshui, reports said.

As soon as he was inside, he said it was a holdup and he attacked the singer’s handicapped brother with a watermelon knife. Chiang, 55, and a foreign housekeeper heard the shouts and came down from the upper floor to find her brother bleeding and being held by the attacker.

In the melee which ensued, Chen demanded she give up her jewelry and injured her hands with his knife before running out, reports said.

At first, news reports only mentioned Chiang’s brother, while it became known only later that the retired singer herself had also been present at the scene of the attack.

The Shilin District Court ruled Tuesday that Chen’s behavior had been particularly violent and that he was clearly guilty of taking a weapon inside a home and attempting to rob the residents.

Chen had worked at the complex as a cleaner and was familiar with the layout and the security measures inside. He was also aware of the vulnerable condition of Chiang’s brother, making him an easy target for robbery, the court said.

Chen denied he had robbed anybody, but DNA comparisons of his blood found in a taxi proved he had been present at the complex, investigators said.

He had been out on parole for a previous robbery when he committed the attack against Chiang and her brother.