Hiker found alive after 30 days lost in Central Mountain Range

Lee Ming-han called for help a week ago after losing contact for a month

Lee Ming-han was found alive after 30 days lost in Central Mountain Range (Image from Facebook)

TAIPEI  (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese hiker has been found after being missing in Taiwan's Central Mountain Range for a month.

The survivor, Lee Ming-han (李明翰), was found conscious this morning. Lee went for a hiking trip alone on May 13, but soon lost contact with his family.

Lee's family reported his disappearance to the police on June 4. Lee called the fire department for help later on June 14, reporting his location and his injury of a broken left leg.

Despite the heavy rain during the past few weeks, the Hualien Rescue Team entered the mountain after they received Lee's call and have been searching him for 6 days. The rescue team found Lee today in Halun Hengduan (哈崙橫斷) in Hualien County, according to Wang Ming-chun (王明忠), chief of Hualien Fire Department 2nd District. 

Lee had no life threatening illnesses when he was found, but is very weak physically. The rescue team is now delivering food and supplies for Lee by helicopter.

Wang said due to the weak satellite signal in the mountains, the rescue team has just reported their coordinates. The Taiwan Air Force is now standby, waiting for orders to send Lee down the mountain by the helicopter.