Jacky Wu takes credit for 80% WiFi access on bullet trains

Entertainer Jacky Wu is offering 500 free shaobing to celebrate his victory in convincing Taiwan HSR to install WiFi

Taiwan HSR (CNA image), Jacky Wu (Jacky Wu Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Six months after entertainer Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) complained that Taiwan's high speed rail (HSR) system was sorely in need of WiFi, the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. (THSRC) announced Monday that free WiFi is now available on 80 percent of trains on its network, prompting Wu to offer free 500 shaobing to his fans. 

THSRC said that it has been working with Chunghwa Telecom to configure its trains for WiFi, which will enable passengers to access the iTaiwan WiFi service while speeding along on its bullet trains.

On his Facebook page on January 25, Wu complained about the lack of Wi-Fi service on high speed rail trains saying:

"Taiwan HSR has been running for 10 years...
It has extra money for TV commercials?
Why don't they put WiFi on their trains?
HSR doesn't need commercials!
But after 10 years, HSR really needs WiFi!"

The post received 135,000 likes.

The next day, the Cabinet announced that it was requesting THSRC and Chunghwa Telecom work together on speeding up its timetable from completing WiFi services on the rail network from the end of this year to August.

The company said that as the installation and testing of WiFi equipment has not yet been fully completed, there may be some poor signals in some sections at this stage. 

WiFi should be available and fully functional on 100 percent of trains by the time the Universiade Taipei 2017 rolls around on Aug. 19, the THSRC said. 

Pink text reads "Brother Jacky's wish has come true." (Jacky Wu Facebook)

In response to yesterday's announcement of 80 percent accessibility of WiFi on HSR, Wu triumphantly scrawled on an image of the news "Brother Jacky's wish has come true," and that he would give 500 free shaobing (Chinese layered flatbread) to his followers:

Right! I should give a like to all of you!
The Executive Yuan did what it said it would do. I'm going to give everybody a free shaobing ~~~~~500 portions!

The post had gained 40,000 likes within 18 hours.