Photo of the Day: Evil henchmen attack

Scene from trailer of upcoming independent kung fu flick 'Sweet and Sour' shot in Taipei

Villains running toward heroine. (Photo by Tom McLoughlan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Thugs rush toward the heroine "Lily" as she enters the secret layer of the villain Samsara in a trailer for the independent kung fu film "Sweet and Sour" as it wraps shooting on Saturday at a seedy pool bar in New Taipei City's Zhenghe District. 

The scene is one of the last fight sequences before the final climatic battle between "Lily," the protagonist, and "Samsara," an evil gangster, in the independent kung fu film "Sweet and Sour." currently being shot in Taipei. The film tells the story about a Taiwanese woman's quest for justice and revenge against Samsara, an English drug lord and human trafficker, who murdered her parents when she was seven years old. 

McLoughlan as "Samsara" ordering his minions to attack "Lily."

The film is the brainchild of Irish-born Tom McLoughlan, 37, who has been living in Taiwan for 12 years and been training in kung fu and acting since the age of 10, including a part in the Mel Gibson film "Braveheart." The project, which goes by the working title "Sweet and Sour," is his second independent film shot exclusively in Taiwan, and is a short feature meant to lay the groundwork for full length film in the future. 

Still from film with close up of Ashley Tso as "Lily"

The main character, "Lily," is played by Ashley Tso (左孔怡), 35, a native of Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, whose previous acting experience was with a mime troupe performing for children's theater. She admittedly is a novice at kung fu, but has undergone three months of training with McLoughlan and other martial arts instructors to prepare for the role. 

Mob of "Samsara's" gangsters rush toward heroine "Lily."

Editing and post production is expected to take approximately two months, so McLoughlan anticipates an August release for the film. 

Still from film with "Bagua fighter," played by the author, squaring off with "Lily," played by Ashley Tso. 

Lighter moment with cast after an intense day of shooting kung fu action.