Photo of the Day: Public art festival in Taipei

An art festival takes place at one of the Taipei's most historical places

Two bear statues in Taipei spotted in Taipei, as the public art festival in Dadaocheng kicks off on June 17. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two bear statues are pictured on a sidewalk in Taipei City, as the public art festival runs in Dadaocheng (大稻埕).

The 2017 Dadaocheng Summer Art Festival kicked off on June 17 and will be held until July 2. Artists combined art, local religions and the historical buildings together and created 13 artworks in order to display a different new appearance of Taipei.

Dadaocheng, a southwest area of Taipei's Datong District, is said to be the first prosperous place in Taipei. The area began to flourish in 1865, and was once Taipei's most important commercial tea trading port. Many cultural and history experts currently work here and devote themselves to the researches of Taipei's history development and the conservation of historical architecture.