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Watch: Hyperlapse video of Taipei

French Canadian NTU student creates amazing hyperlapse video of Taipei with film 'Taipei in Motion'

Screen capture of film 'Taipei in Motion' by Brendan Riley.

Screen capture of film 'Taipei in Motion' by Brendan Riley.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A French Canadian student and videographer has captured the beauty of Taipei over the course of half a year with his hyperlapse video of major landmarks in Taiwan's capital titled "Taipei in Motion."

The videographer, Brendan Riley, 26, a dual Canadian and French national, who is wrapping up a one-year Chinese language program at National Taiwan University, shot the film from August 2016 to March 2017.

Riley says he enjoys shooting hyperlapse video wherever he travels. Hyperlapse video is a complex process whereby hundreds of pictures are taken of an object using a tripod while moving, unlike traditional time lapse photography in which the camera stays static. The footage is then put together in video form and stabilized digitally afterwards.

"I wanted to capture the spirit of Taipei so I also recorded many ambient noises from the city, for example people talking, children playing, salesmen on the street, cars honking, the MRT, rain, the ocean, or the birds chirping in the morning," said Riley.

View more of Riley's timelapse videos around the world on his Shutterstock page or his Facebook page.