Coffee shop owner fined NT$3.68 million for employee's double homicide

Mommouth Coffee owner found guilty of negligence for double murder by his employee

Murderess Hsieh Yi-han (謝依涵) ropes in boss for her heinous crimes.

Murderess Hsieh Yi-han (謝依涵) ropes in boss for her heinous crimes. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The owner of New Taipei City coffee shop, Mommouth Coffee (媽媽嘴咖啡), has been ordered to pay NT$3.68 million (USD$121,000) for the double homicide committed by an employee two years ago. 

Four years ago barista Hsieh Yi-han (謝依涵), 31, murdered a married couple, Chen Jin-fu (陳進福) and Zhang Cui-ping (翠萍), who were both coffee shop regulars. Hsieh first accused her boss, Lu Bing-hong (呂炳宏) of conspiring about the crime, making him a suspect, but he was quickly cleared. Lu did not let the accusations sully his business however and opened a new coffee shop in Tamshui .

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling of Lu's guilt came as a shock. The ruling found Lu guilty of negligence for the employee's crime and fined him NT$3.68 million. The money will go to the victim's family to compensate for their loss.

Lu was outraged by the decision. 

The couple was reported missing in February 2015 and was last seen at Mommouth Coffee. Six day later, Chen was found deceased along the Tamshui River Path, 130 meters away from the shop. Chen's wife was found three days later also along the path.

Hsieh was found guilty of double homicide. She put sleeping pills in the couple's drinks, led them to the pathway, and murdered them with a knife. 

Once supervisor Lu was cleared of conspiracy accusations, Hsieh changed her story. Hsieh claimed that she was having an affair with Chen, age 79. She wanted to marry him but he refused to leave his wife. Police suspected Hsieh was after his money. 

Hsieh was given the death sentence in 2014. The decision was overruled in April this year for life imprisonment, after Hsieh reportedly "found Christ."