Korean artist Choe U-Rom’s [stil laif] exhibition kicks off in Taichung

An interactive exhibition space titled [stil laif] featuring the creations of Korean artist Choe U-Ram is held in Taichung City


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An interactive exhibition space titled [stil laif] featuring the creations of Korean artist Choe U-Ram is held in Taichung City from June 3 through Sept. 3, 2017.

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) has been developing projects focusing on digital technology as well as interdisciplinary art. In the wake of exploring the concept and development of interdisciplinary art, the NTMoFA has been holding international thematic exhibitions and progressing the exchange between Taiwan’s creativity and international thinking.

This time, the NTMoFA invites the Korean artist Choe U-Rom, who recently has been receiving significant attention on the international stage of art, to hold his largest exhibition in Taichung under the theme of [stil laif].

Choe, 47, is a Seoul-based kinetic artist whose mechanical sculptures move freely as defying gravity, filling their surroundings with soft breathe and life as if their existence were as old as the dawn of time.

The special exhibition at the NTMoFA is titled [stil laif] which can be phonetically interpreted as “Steel Life,” “Steal Life,” or even “Still Life.” The artist does not tell the implied meaning of the title while aiming to convey his art to be not only having a singular, fixed meaning but layers of different meanings.