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U.S.streamer apologizes for littering but accuses Taiwan news media of fake reports

The American streamer faces 100 hours of community service for littering

Screen capture of CJayride making a statement (Youtube)

Screen capture of CJayride making a statement (Youtube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After widespread criticisms of his littering and offensive videos, Chris James Robb, an American streamer in Taiwan, who goes by the online handle "CJayride" apologized for littering and accused Taiwanese media of making fake news to defame him in a video posted on June 8.

Dressed in a formal navy suit quite different from his usual skater-boy outfit, CJayride made an apology for littering, an act which caused him to be criticized by Taiwanese netizens, and promised not to commit it again.

A self-proclaimed entertainer, he explained that the act served to “make an illusion of littering as a satirical form of entertainment showing that Taiwan does not have enough public trash cans”.

However, his littering videos on the streaming service Twitch were held against him by “a government agency”, he said, and he now faces 100 hours of community service as a punishment.

Apart from the apology, he also attacked the Taiwan news media, such as Apple Daily and Next TV, for making fake news that led him to be slammed and even receive death threats. He demanded that the media remove their articles instantly.

In the video, nevertheless, he made no mention of his other controversial acts, such as filming women in public space without permission and violating the Civil Aviation Law by flying a drone into a no-drone zone in Taipei.

Updated : 2021-05-11 23:08 GMT+08:00