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Taipei to charge towing and storage fees for derelict bikes

Starting Jan. 1, Taipei will charge towing and storage fees for abandoned bicycles

(Photo by jje10tw on Pixabay)

(Photo by jje10tw on Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Beginning next year, Taipei will charge towing and storage fees for bicycles which have been impounded for violating parking regulations, announced the Taipei Department of Transportation on Thursday.

The new fees will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2018, according to the department's head Chang Jer-yang (張哲揚). The towing fee for bikes will be NT$100 (US$3.32) and the storage fee will be NT$25 per bike for every 12 hours it is held, said Chang. However, if a bike is claimed within one hour, no storage fee will be charged.

Bikes that have been towed will be photographed and a barcode will be attached. If an owner wishes to reclaim their bike, they will need to present an ID and a key to the bike's lock.

If a bicycle has not been claimed for a month, a public notice will be placed for 3 months giving owners one last chance. After than 3 periods has passed, the bike will be put up for auction.

According to the department, there are three tow yards including the parking lots of Long Men Junior High School (龍門國中), Wanhua Junior High School (萬華國中), and Fuyuan storage yard (撫遠移置場).

There are currently 13 locations where abandoned bikes will be subject to the new law. This includes seven MRT stations: Technology Building, Dongmen, Da'an, Guting, Zhongshan Junior High School, and the No. 1 exit of the Taipower Building. Other locations targeted for towing will include Roosevelt Road Section 4, Songshan Railway Station, the Daxue community of Da'an District, Wanhua District Office, the eastern side of Roosevelt Road, and Heping East Road Section 2, Lane 118

Updated : 2022-05-27 13:22 GMT+08:00