Taiwan team kicks their way to 3 gold at Asian Junior Taekwondo Championship

Taiwan Taekwondo team takes away 11 medals at 2017 Asian Junior Taekwondo Championship

(Image from 跆拳道 陳詩欣 CHEN Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's Taekwondo team kicked and kihaped (yelled) their way to a record 11 medals at the 2017 Asian Junior Taekwondo Championship in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

At the second edition of the annual international Taekwondo tournament, Taiwan's squad took away three gold, one silver, and two bronze in sparring, while in forms, the team came away with one silver and four bronze, for a total of 11 medals. This was a new tournament record and met the team's pre-match goals. 

Photo from 跆拳道 陳詩欣 CHEN Facebook page. 

The team was coached by 2004 Athens Olympics Taekwondo gold medalist Chen Shih-hsin (陳詩欣), who was the first Taiwanese athlete to win a gold medal in the Olympics. Before the team departed for Ho Chi Minh City, Chen challenged the team to break the previous record of gold medals for a team at the tournament. 

Photo from 跆拳道 陳詩欣 CHEN Facebook page. 

Chen told Liberty Times that all of the young athletes, who are aged 12 to 14, gave their maximum effort. This was their first time competing on an international stage, so overcoming their nerves in such an international competition was quite an accomplishment. 

Photo from 跆拳道 陳詩欣 CHEN Facebook page. 

For the sparring competition, Taiwan sent 10 male athletes and 10 female athletes, and for forms, they sent 3 males and three females, for a total of 26 team members.