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OBI Pharma and Mediatek offer fattest compensation packages

Which companies in Taiwan offer their employees the best salary and benefits?

Stack of coins. (Image from pixabay)

Stack of coins. (Image from pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Which company offers its employees the best salary and benefits? The results have been pretty astonishing, OBI Pharma (浩鼎) gave its employees the most generous package, in second place was MediaTech (聯發科), and the third spot went to Amazing Microelectronic Corp (晶焱科技), according to data from the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and the Taipei Exchange (TPEx).

Despite the fact that OBI Pharma experienced a loss of NT$1.1 billion in total last year, their average benefit package for employees was NT$3.96 million, far above the average of other companies: Mediatech came in second with NT$3.22 and Amazing Microelectronic Corp with NT$3.07 million rounded out the top three. The rest of the top ten companies in order are: Hotai Motor Co. (和泰汽車), Foxconn Technology Co. (鴻準), Topco Technologies Co. (崇越), Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (鴻海), Phison Electronics Corp. (群聯電子), Medigen Biotechnology (基亞), Aspeed Technology Inc. (信驊科技), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC, 台積電), and Largan Precision Co. (大立光).

Last year, the average staff salary in a company listed on the main board of the stock exchange was NT$1.08 million, and the average for employees of Over-The-Counter (OTC) companies was NT0.85 million, both seeing an increase of 2.4% over the previous year. The combined amount of compensation packages was NT$1.4 trillion, a slight increase of 1.3%.

Surprisingly, of the top 10 best paying companies, 6 were OTC firms. Even Hong Hai Corporation, which has the highest revenue of all companies, only ranked 7th. TSMC with an average employee salary of NT$2.1 million went down to 22nd, and Largan Precision Corporation dropped to on an all-time low to rank 65th, at only NT$1.59.

These statistics are based on a simple average of direct employee benefits, including salary, allowances, bonuses and commissions, and indirect benefits such as pension plans provided to directors, general full-time employees, contractors, and part-time staff in 2016.

Rank Stock # Company Average employee benefits (million NT$dollars/person) Industry
1 4174 OBI Pharma 3.961 Biotechnology
2 2454 Media Tech 3.227 Semiconductors
3 6411 Amazing Microelectronic 3.078 Semiconductors
4 2207 HoTai Motor 2.999 Auto industry
5 2354 Foxconn 2.876 Other electronics
6 3388 Topco 2.848 Electronic components
7 2317 Hon Hai 2.600 Other electronics
8 8299 Phison 2.591 Computer and peripherals
9 3176 Medigen Biotechnology 2.566 Biotechnology
10 5274 ASPEED 2.426 Semiconductors
22 2330 TSMC 2.106 Semiconductors
65 3008 Largan 1.596 Optoelectronics

Updated : 2021-10-28 15:11 GMT+08:00